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Video of Dickie Rock singing ‘’Come Back To Stay’’. Irish Eurovision Song Contest entry 1966

1965 Butch Moore ‘Walking The Streets In The Rain                          6th

1966 Dickie Rock ‘Come Back To Stay’                                                  4th

1967 Sean Dunply ‘If I Could Choose’                                                    2nd

1968 Pat McGeegan ‘Chance Of A Lifetime’                                           4th

1969 Murial Day ‘Wages Of Love’                                                          7th

1970 Dana ‘All Kinds Of Everything’                                                      1st

1971 Angela Farrell ‘One Day Love’                                                     11th

1972 Sandie Jones ‘Ceol An Ghra’                                                        15th

1973 Maxi ‘Do I Dream’                                                                         10th

1974 Tina ‘Cross Your Heart’                                                                  7th

1975 The Swarbriggs ‘That’s what Friends Are For’                            19th

1976 Red Hurley ‘When’                                                                        10th

1977 The Swarbriggs ‘It’s Nice To Be In Love Again’                            3rd

1978 Colm T Wilkinson ‘Born To Sing’                                                    5th

1979 Cathal Dunne ‘Happy Man’                                                             5th

1980 Johnny Logan ‘What’s Another Year’                                            1st

1981 Sheeba ‘Horoscopes’                                                                      5th

1982 The Duskeys ‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow’                                11th

1983 No Entry ......................…                                                                  _

1984 Linda Martin ‘Terminal 3’                                                               2nd

1985 Maria Christian ‘Wait Until The Weekend Comes’                          6th

1986 Luv Bug ‘You Can Count On Me’                                                     4th

1987 Johnny Logan ‘Hold Me Now’                                                         1st

1988 Jump The Gun ‘Take Him Home’                                                    8th

1989 Kiev Connolly ‘The Real Me’                                                         18th

1990 Liam Reilly ‘Somewhere In Europe’                                              2nd

1991 Kim Jackson ‘Could It Be That I’m In Love                                 10th

1992 Linda Martin ‘Why Me’                                                                   1st

1993 Niamh Kavanagh ‘In Your Eyes’                                                    1st

1994 Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan ‘Rock ‘N’  Roll Kids’          1st

1995 Eddie Friel ‘Dreamin’                                                                   14th

1996 Eimear Quinn ‘The Voice’                                                               1st

1997 Marc Roberts ‘Mysterious Woman’                                               2nd

1998 Dawn (Dawn Martin) ‘Is Always Over Now?’                              9th

1999 The Mullans ‘When You Need Me’                                                17th

2000 Eamon Toal ‘Millennium Of Love’                                                  6th

2001 Gary O’Shaughnessy ‘Without Your Love’                                  21st

2002 Relegated....................…                                                                   -

2003 Mickey Harte ‘We’ve Got The World’                                           20th

2004 Chris Doran ‘If My World Stopped Turning’                                 22nd

2005 Donna & Joe ‘Love?’                                                   Failed to qualify

2006 Brian Kennedy ‘Every Song Is A Song For Love’                         10th

2007 Dervish ‘They Can’t Stop The Spring’                                           24th

2008 Dustin the Turkey ‘Irelande Douze Points’               Failed to qualify

2009 Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy ‘Et Cetera’                  Failed to qualify

2010 Niamh Kavanagh ‘It’s For You’                                                     23rd

2011 Jedward ‘Lipstick’                                                                           8th

2012 Jedward ‘Waterline’                                                                      19th