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Search Options

1) Type name of Town or County into the Search Box on top right of any page

2) Go to the Video Index page to see an alphabetical listing of all available videos

3) Go to the Town Map page to see a map of all Cities, Towns and Villages currently available

4) Go to the Road Map page to see a map of all Road Trips currently available

Video Player Size

The video player size is set to a given size. You may view in full screen mode by clicking on the Full Screen icon on the top right hand corner of the player when mousing over. This may impair the quality somewhat.

Sound Quality

Due to the ‘in car’ nature of the videoing you may experience variances in the sound quality from poor to excellent. Earlier videos used the sound system offered with the in car video equipment which was problematic. Later videos were edited using our own personally developed sound system which is of the highest quality. Over time we will re-do all earlier videos to include the newly developed sound system.

Video Quality

Video streaming uses a large amount of bandwidth. The better the quality of the video the larger the file. The larger the file the more bandwidth is used which effects download speed and cost. Our videos are set at a quality which is viewable and quick to download in most circumstances, and keeps bandwidth usage to an acceptable level. We expect that in the not to distant future as both broadband speeds and cloud hosting capabilities increase, we will be able to offer top quality high definition videos replacing our existing videos.

Weather also plays a large part in determining the quality of a video. Apart from cloud and rain (and we get quite a bit of that in Ireland) the sun can play tricks particularly when it is low and facing. We edit as best we can but you get the videos as they are shot, and you get the weather to match. It’s real time Ireland.

Video Content

The video content varies from video to video. Some are simple Drive Through’s  where we drive through a Town without turning off from the main road. Some are more Drive Around’s where we also drive around the Towns main side streets. Others are more detailed Tours where we do an extensive tour of the Town.

Commissioning a Video

This is a unique service offered by no other website known to us. If you are abroad and have not been home for a while or if you are abroad and are planning a visit, then you might like to commission your own personal video. Imagine being able to view only what you want to see, something that is personal and dear to you, something you have been dreaming of. Then we can make it happen. It doesn’t strictly have to be Road. We have other video equipment and as long as we can gain legal access to what ever you might like to see then we will video it for you.

We will professionally edit your video and put in up on our website in High Definition for you to view privately. Your page will be password protected so only you (or whoever you might like to share the password with) can view it. We will also post you a hard copy if required.

Video Download

This is not possible. Our videos are copyright protected and cannot be downloaded. Refer to Terms of Use for further information

Video Upload

We do not currently offer this facility but we intend to do so in the near future. Please register and we will keep you updated when this happens.

Northern Ireland

Being based in the Republic we have started with the Republic but we intend to start Northern Ireland and indeed Donegal very shortly. Please register and we will keep you updated when this happens.

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